Vinyl Klash 2 for kidrobot


In 2005 I was invited by kidrobot to participate in Vinyl Klash 2 – the second custom Dunny show in the history of ever. In case you don’t know, the Dunny was created by Tristan Eaton (for kidrobot) to act as a 3D canvas for artists who were interested in the (new at the time) world of vinyl art toys. It stands today as one of the most important creations of the movement and is included in the MOMA’s permanent collection.

Vinyl Klash 2 was held in Detroit’s legendary ©pop gallery and featured some of the biggest names in street art, fine art and illustration from all around the world. Included in that list were Ron English, Stephen Bliss, Dr. Revolt, Glen Barr, Huck Gee, Matt Eaton, Shane Jessup, Tristan Eaton, Ralph Cosentino, Filth and Jeremyville.


My piece was a custom made cabinet (with vintage hardware) that housed a dissected Dunny (for use as a medical model). It included a couple of labels that branded it as a product of Fun-Fun Industries. My name appears nowhere on it. It was sold the first night of the show and I haven’t seen it since. If you bought it, holla. I’d love to know what it’s been up to (and maybe get some better pictures).

Speaking of terrible pictures, here are a few from the show’s opening night. Enjoy.