3d art book for prestel


In 2010 I was invited to contribute a piece to The 3D Art Book by Tristan Eaton, a phenomenal undertaking that gathered old and new work by notable artists from around the globe, presented in anaglyph 3D and bundled with its own, old style red/blue glasses.

Some of the artists included in the collection are Eric White, Tara McPherson, Stephen Bliss, Buff Monster, Dave Cooper, Gary Taxali, Claw Money, HAZE, Tokidoki, 10Deep, Mishka NYC, Miss Van, Gary Baseman, D*Face, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Travis Louie and Shepard Fairey. My contribution appears below.

3D-Art-Book-Budget-RaygunOn April 29, 2011, Opera Gallery NYC hosted a release party/gallery opening wherein patrons were able to buy prints from the collection and/or have their copies of the book signed by the two dozen artists in attendance. I signed a bazillion books, met some of my favorite artists and sat next to Rosie Perez (who did NOT want to be there). Here are some pictures from that superfantastic night. I’m 90% sure that they were taken by Matt Eaton or by people holding Matt Eaton’s camera.

3d-6222996_10150287182363868_524768867_9471247_1475210_n3d-103D-2222114_10150287177998868_524768867_9471131_4254757_n222271_10150287180413868_524768867_9471205_7410484_n222466_10150287180448868_524768867_9471207_4473454_n224211_10150287182073868_524768867_9471242_910880_n 224238_10150287177173868_524768867_9471112_8307460_n 224719_10150287177593868_524768867_9471121_5669335_n 224781_10150287180308868_524768867_9471201_2685811_n 225621_10150287178863868_524768867_9471155_2814287_n 226052_10150287179168868_524768867_9471163_4988602_n 226111_10150287180483868_524768867_9471208_4174169_n 226568_10150287178683868_524768867_9471151_6238624_n 227454_10150287178033868_524768867_9471132_7168335_n 227471_10150287182218868_524768867_9471244_1662446_n 227656_10150287181178868_524768867_9471225_7908297_n 227661_10150287180938868_524768867_9471219_3363756_n 228138_10150287177928868_524768867_9471129_7804364_n 228569_10150287178133868_524768867_9471135_2519960_n 230416_10150287177083868_524768867_9471108_3386093_n