detroit lions christmas card


The Detroit Lions sponsored a competition when I was attending CCS. I won and they used my illustration for their holiday card (which they send out to season ticket holders, sponsors and other dignitaries). My prize was 10 copies of the printed piece and two tickets to a game. When the cards went out, there was a piece in The Detroit News that showed the card and suggested that the incorrect number of snowmen in the huddle was a clear visual metaphor for the Lions’ long and troubled history. I don’t know football. How may snowmen are supposed to be in a huddle?


BONUS    The following year I submitted the piece above for the same contest. It was chosen and my illustration professor was informed by the Lions. He said he was thrilled that I’d won again. The Lions said, “again?!” and then they totally gave it to the guy who came in second. Seems like a waste of an adorable painting but I may be biased.