sesame street propaganda

Invincible ©Kevin Skinner 2006

In 2006 American Greetings was competing for the Sesame Workshop license against Hallmark*. As a part of our in-house presentation, we staged a show of Sesame Street-themed artwork in the AG gallery space. This was my contribution, a reductive linocut entitled “Invincible” that I produced at AG’s media studio.

This piece has had a really nice interweb life ever since. It’s been stolen by an Australian t-shirt company, mis-attributed to a variety of artists, and for years it appeared really high on the first page of Google image results when searching the word “propaganda” (due to its appearance in this post on Neatorama) – above Shepard Fairey and Uncle Sam. It’s slipped a bit since then but I will carry the memory of that time in my heart forever.

*I realize that this is getting confusing since I worked for American Greetings and Hallmark. Just remember that in every case wherein the companies were in direct competition with each other for any given license, I was always on the winning side.

True story.